Sharing Our Love of Games

J and J Gaming Factory is ran by husband and wife dynamic duo, Jakki and JonDavid. We have always bonded over playing board games, and enjoy playing with other people.

We all know the cost of board games can get pretty expensive, so we've made it our goal to bring low cost board games back to the community.

After COVID we wanted to help bring people back together, playing the games that they love, spending time with family, friends, and meeting new people. Going on new adventures, fighting in fierce competition, and working together to overcome a new evil; board games help people bond and create lasting relationships.

We strive to issue at least 20% off suggested retail price for all board games, miniatures, and rpgs, while also providing low markup trading card games. In addition we try to cut as much shipping cost as possible to help keep the overall cost of our products low.

By joining our email signup below, not only will you get a first time user discount, but you will also receive exclusive discounts on our already low prices to your email! The more support we get, the larger the amount of discounts we can provide. As a small business we ask that you not only sign up, but share with your friends, follow us on social media, and become part of the J and J Gaming Factory community.