Player Count: 3 - 6 players

Ages: 12+ years

Time: 30-60 minutes

Mechanic: Auction/Bidding, Campaign/Battle Card Driven, Cooperative Game, and Take That

Complexity: Medium Light

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Regular price $15.20
Regular price $19.00 Sale price $15.20

BetaBotz is a fun and competitive multiplayer board game where players bid on robots, upgrade their robot with components and execute powerful codes to accomplish tiered missions. Each mission provides the players a currency reward giving them more bidding power and bringing them closer to victory. Robots will need to work with and against one another to become the ultimate BetaBot worthy of entering Robotopia.

BetaBotz takes minimal time to learn but includes enough variation in content and strategy that no two games are the same. The simultaneous mission feature of BetaBotz allows all players to participate during missions. There is a high level of engagement and interaction between the players so that everyone can have a blast through the entirety of game play!

Players start BetaBotz with 40 bitz (currency) and use this starting pool to bid on a robot body with stats in four attributes (Agility, Firepower, Structure and Processor). Throughout the game players use their remaining bitz and any bit rewards received to bid against one another on components that increase their attributes or select single use "Code Cards" in an effort to complete missions. In addition to components increasing a robot's ability to complete missions, achieving a stat of 13 or more in an attribute activates a power associated with that attribute.

A complete game of BetaBotz is played over the course of ten missions. Mission cards of different tiers are selected based on the number of players. Missions require at least a specific value in one (or multiple) of the four attributes to complete. All players attempt to complete the current mission simultaneously and those that are successful receive a reward of bitz. Players are able to form teams to complete the current mission but they must split the mission rewards among the team. At the conclusion of the 10th mission the player with the highest individual attribute, the most gold components and code cards each receive an additional bitz reward. The player with the most bitz at the end of the game, including the bonus bitz, is the winner.