By J and J Gaming Factory

Jewel Heist (used)

Condition: Unopened

Status: Complete

Player Count: 5 - 8 players

Ages: 13+ years

Time: 15-45 minutes

Mechanic: Betting and Bluffing, Hidden Roles, Physical Removal, Team-Based Game, and Voting

Complexity: Light

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Regular price $11.24
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $11.24

The museum was broken into last night right under everyone’s noses. Did you hear any noises during the countdown? Or maybe you were one of the clumsy Robbers.

You are playing in teams with secret roles.

Some of you are Robbers. Some are Detectives. Robbers want to steal jewels and deflect suspicion by lying. Detectives want to find the Robbers and recover the jewels.

After receiving their secret roles, everyone closes their eyes and counts down from 15 out loud. During that time, only the Robbers open their eyes and attempt to steal jewels from the museum case. When the countdown ends, everyone opens their eyes and the investigation begins. How many jewels were stolen? Were the marbles (the alarm) misplaced? Who heard noises? The Detectives question and accuse while the Robbers accuse and deflect suspicion. A vote is cast and warrants are handed out.

Once at least one player has 2 warrants, the game ends, roles are revealed, and the final jewel count is tallied. The team with the most jewels at the end of the game wins!

Condition: Unopened
Status: Complete
Players: 4-20
Ages: 21 and up
Time: 30-40 Minutes 
Mechanic: Betting and Bluffing, Hidden Roles, Physical Removal, Team-Based, Voting
Complexity:  Light 


1 museum base
1 museum vault cover
1 game board
13 jewels
2 marbles
14 warrant tokens
1 Police Station location marker
1 Black Market location marker
8 role cards (5 Detective and 3 Robber)