Powerline Ultra: Core Set Booster Pack

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Hello fighters! Here we have the Powerline Ultra - Core Set ready for you. The Powerline Ultra - Core Set is the first set in the Powerline Ultra TCG. First showcased on The Game Crafter and Atomic Comics, we had a launch event that sold out in 35 minutes! Winner of 4 Game Crafter Accolades, reviewed positively among fellow players, Powerline Ultra is a fast paced 1v1 TCG where you assume the role as a character and battle it out in various stages, unleash powerful attacks, turn the tide with utility cards and devastate your rival with your ultimate card! 

Atlas Ekon, the current master of the Herald Element, has been searching the world for more heroes to help him and his best friend, Tora Doragon, in a quest to save the world from potential threats. One such threat is a demon from Tora's past, one bent on total domination. Together, Atlas, Tora and various other heroes have teamed up in order to fight the forces of evil. Get a taste of power, train your mighty fist and prepare for battle!
All Powerline Ultra - Core Set booster packs include:
- 1 Quick-Start Card
- 12 Common Cards
- 4 or more Rare Cards

     Some packs might include:
- 1 or more Supreme Rare card
- 1 or more Ultra Rare card
- 1 or more Promotional card

     For more information, including how to play:

     Each pack contains a random assortment of 17 cards from the 132 Powerline Ultra - Core Set. Randomly inserted into these specialty marked packs are the are the following in each box: 1 basic rules card (1:1), 41 common cards (12:1), 36 rare cards (4:1), 25 supreme rare cards (1:8) and 30 ultra rare cards (1:10). Powerline Ultra is copyrighted and owned by Nathaniel Reid. All property related to Powerline Ultra is owned by Nathaniel Reid. All property related to Powerline Ultra is owned by Nathaniel Reid. Set contents are subject to change. Stated odds reflect an average of the entire production run, no ratio is guaranteed. Manufactured by Dongguan Bayaya Board Game Co., LTD.