Status Report!

Player Count: 3 - 7 players

Ages: 13+ years

Time: 10-20 minutes

Mechanic: Hidden Roles, Role Playing, and Traitor

Complexity: Medium Light

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Regular price $24.00
Regular price $30.00 Sale price $24.00

Status Report! is a 10-20 min social deduction game for 3-5 players. One person acts as the Captain of a spaceship, and everyone else plays the ship on-board AI. Unfortunately for the Captain, only one of these AI is still operational, decided by role cards; the rest are out to kill them and the crew.

How to Play:

The Captain and Operative AI's goal is to get through all 8 Steps on the Captain's board with at least one crew member remaining.

Every odd step is a Status Report! During this step, every AI player chooses and plays one casualty card from their hand. The cards are revealed, and the Captain adjusts the Casualty Count to match.

On the even steps, the Captain uses one of the powers at their disposal, like looking at a target player's hand, to try and deduce which players are actually on their side.

Each AI player is also equipped with a once-per-game ability they can use. For example, Merci can remove any Casualty card from the table and replace it with the top card of the deck.

If the Captain ever thinks they've discovered the identity of the Operative AI they may end the game and reveal that player's Function card, immediately winning or losing the game.

Players: 3-7
Ages: 13 and up
Time: 10-20 Minutes 
Mechanic: Hidden Roles, Role Playing, Traitor
Complexity: Medium Light 

3 Double-sided Captain's Command Console Boards
6 Unique AI Role Cards
5 Function Cards
37 Casualty Cards
7 Science Officer Casualty Deck Cards