By Cryptozoic Entertainment

Steven Rhodes: Don't Talk to Strangers

Player Count: 1 - 4 players

Ages: 12+ years

Time: 15-20 minutes

Mechanic: Take That

Complexity: Medium Light

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Regular price $15.99
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $15.99

From the mind of Steven Rhodes, a graphic artist, and illustrator best known for his offbeat reimagining of children’s activity books from the ’70s and ’80s. Don’t Talk to Strangers immerses you in these hilariously dark retro worlds and is one of three stand-alone games in Vol. 1 of Steven Rhodes Games. 

Don't Talk to Strangers starts when school lets out for the day--mom and dad haven't noticed yet, but STRANGERS are popping up everywhere--and these STRANGERS are really strange--"from another planet" strange! Each turn you'll play a new movement card in order to navigate your kids - one at a time - from the starting school space, across the board to a "scoring space", that's both safe from aliens and a fun way to waste the afternoon!

School's out but otherworldly STRANGERS are here! Mom and Dad haven't caught on yet so you're on your own, kiddo. Play your cards as efficiently as you can, helping to navigate your kids one at a time from SCHOOL to a SCORING space. Score as many points as you can before the neighborhood is completely overrun with STRANGERS!

Game Play:

1. At the start of the game, each player will draw a hand of 3 cards and place one of their kids in the SCHOOL space. Your goal is to get that kid into a valuable scoring space, at which point you'll place a new kid in the SCHOOL space and repeat the process. Some spaces are worth more points at the end of the game, and some confer a unique bonus (for example, your hand size increases by 1 for each kid you have in the Library).

2. Remember: You want to score a good space, but you'll have to Walk, Run, Skateboard, School Bus, and even City Bus to get there! Each turn you'll play one card and draw a new card to replace it!

3. But watch out! When any player draws a STRANGER card, they can abduct any kid on a "STRANGER SPACE!" Furthermore, now that a STRANGER is lurking in that space, it is impassable for all future you may have to reroute your plans on the fly! SAUCER cards can abduct *any* kideven one who has already scoredbut your opponent will have to get lucky when they flip the FLYING SAUCER COIN or you'll escape abduction!

Players: 1-4
Ages: 12 and up
Time: 15-20 minutes
Mechanic: Take That
Complexity: Medium Light 

100 Cards
10 Stranger Tokens
40 Kid Tokens
1 Flying Saucer Coin
1 Double-sided Game Board 
1 Rulebook