Steven Rhodes: Let's Summon Demons

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Welcome to Let's Summon Demons!, the perfect blend of card-based strategy and exciting dice rolling! Based off of one of the most popular pieces in Steven Rhodes' beloved Sinister 70's collection, this delightfully dark but tongue-in-cheek "light strategy" game has you assembling a unique team of lovable boys, girls, and animals from "the block" order to summon demons! This game is the second stand-alone game in of the first volume of three Steven Rhodes Games. 

What are little Johnny, Suzy, and Fido supposed to do when the suburban droll has them down? I know: Let's Summon Demons! Whether you're building sadistic synergies with the "rotten" kids or sharing the love with the "sweet" kids, only the savviest (and luckiest!) playerthe best Demon Summonerwill walk away a winner!

How to play:

  • 1. Shuffle up the Demon Deck and the Block Deck, and deal everyone a Starting Candle and a hand of 3 Demons. Your goal is to summon all 3 of those little devils before your opponents beat you to it.
  • 2. At all times, a rotating assortment of five cards will be available to all players for purchase (for the low price of 3 Soul Tokens). This is called THE BLOCK and it has Boys, Girls, and Animals of every style and strategy! Look for cards that combine together!
  • 3. On each players' turn, they'll roll the dice. If any player's cards they've acquired match the total rolled, then that card activates, often resulting in the acquisition of more Soul Tokens! More Soul Tokens means more cards from THE BLOCK, which means even more Soul Tokens. But to what end?
  • 4. Well, you can sacrificeerr, discard3 of your cards to SUMMON A DEMON! The most powerful cards of all! Once any player has summoned all 3 of their Demons—and has a balance of 10 Souls on top of thatthey are declared the ultimate Demon Summoner and the game is over! With all of the variety offered between the 20 unique demons and the diverse BLOCK DECK, there is plenty of content to explore and master!
Players: 2-5
Ages: 12 and up
Time: 20-35 minutes
Mechanic: Dice Rolling, Open Drafting
Complexity: Light 

125 Cards
40 Soul Tokens
2 Six-sided dice
1 Rulebook