The Artemis Odyssey

Player Count: 1 - 5 players

Ages: 13+ years

Time: 60-90 minutes

Mechanic: Action Queue, Simultaneous Action Selection, and Trading

Complexity: Medium Light

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Regular price $47.99
Regular price $59.99 Sale price $47.99

The Artemis Odyssey begins many generations after the events of The Artemis Project. Using the alien relics found deep in the oceans of the frozen moon Europa as a technological springboard, humankind has become quickly capable of reaching out to the distant stars...and to the mysterious orbiting planets.

Build powerful starships to cross the vast emptiness of interstellar space, land on uninhabited planets to find valuable resources. Establish your presence with colonies, factories, mighty terraformers. With luck you may even unearth more alien tech.

Your exploration is accomplished through a clever system of hidden planning on a shared board. When the planning board is full, it is resolved in sequence…with all players benefiting from each others’ plans! By anticipating what your opponents want to do next, where they want to go, and how they want to score, you’ll be able to squeeze the most out of your efforts, and ensure that your faction builds the greatest star-spanning network of them all!

Get ready to blaze a trail deep into the frontiers of the galaxy…The Artemis Odyssey begins now!


Players: 1-5
Ages: 13 and up
Time: 60-90 Minutes 
Mechanic: Action Queue, Simultaneous Action Selection, Trading
Complexity: Medium Light 

1 Planning Board
55 Action Cards
20 Starships
20 Colonies
20 Factories
20 Terraformers
5 Score Markers
9 Star Tokens
17 Alien Artifact Cards
13 Singularity Cards
42 Planet Tokens
1 First Player Marker
1 Singularity Token
5 Mission Cards
150 Resource Cards