The Skeletons

Player Count: 1 - 6 players

Ages: 8+ years

Time: 60-120 minutes

Mechanic: Dice and Free-form

Complexity: Medium Light

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Regular price $12.00
Regular price $15.00 Sale price $12.00

The Skeletons flips the script on the classic dungeon crawl— here you play not the intruders but the guardians, cursed to spend eternity defending a tomb. As time passes, both the tomb and its guardians will change. Ferocious battles are fought and won, and the skeletons slowly remember who and what they once were. Melancholy, introspective, and spanning epochs, The Skeletons is unlike anything you’ve ever played.

Years fly by like dead leaves. Everything is darkness. Everything is silence. You stand vigilant before the sarcophagus without thought or breath-such is your compulsion. You do not remember your name and still you watch. The flesh has fallen off your bones and still you watch.

And then one day there is light and motion and you weigh your bearded axe and raise your shield, lusting for the fray, eager to measure your skill against these tomb-robbing children so full of blood. You’ll never be alive again, but in this moment, the chaos between violation and destruction,you truly live, and you remember what you once were, and you taste the sun.

The Skeletons is a unique, fast-playing, flexible roleplaying game that puts the players in the role of skeletons guarding a tomb. Designed for one-shots, The Skeletons combines the weird and the melancholy as your characters slowly learn about their past and centuries grind by.

Players: 1-6
Ages: 8 and up
Time: 120 minutes
Mechanic: Dice, Free-form
Complexity: Medium Light

60-page 6x9 booklet

Audio Cues from the Developers: